Principal Rink: Kansas City Ice Center

Club Ice is designated as ice time for Kansas City FSC / Silver Blades FSC members and skaters of other clubs who have joined KCFSC/SBFSC as associates/non-home club members. This reserved time gives skaters the opportunity to practice their skills during the week. Members can purchase contracts for club ice time for each session, or they can pay as a walk on. Members of other regional clubs are welcomed as guest members of a KCFSC/SBFSC member. All guests must register and sign a release of liability form prior to skating in club ice.


The 2018-2019 club ice details will be available soon.

Club Ice Rules


The new competition season is kicking off with Skate KC coming up at the end of March. Based on this, the club ice committee wanted to send some quick reminders and clarifications as it relates to key rules and procedures on club ice sessions as they will once again become critical to making the club ice sessions productive for everyone. Please review so everyone is aware of expectations:
  1. Program Music to be played must be on CD and is to be turned into the Ice Monitor Desk at check-in. Sometimes due to lack of demand or availability there is no music monitor for a session and in this case the music will instead be handled by coaches/skaters similar to rink freestyle sessions.
  2. Skaters must wear the Program Sash when their music is being played for them. All other skaters and coaches should be aware of the sash and yield right-of-way to the best of their ability.
  3. All skaters need to check in with the ice monitor immediately upon arrival to ensure their spot. This is especially important as Saturday's Club Ice Session is now commpletely FULL so Walk-Ons will only be available after 5 minutes if contracted skaters do not show.  If a contract skater is going to be more than 5 minutes late they need to let the monitor know ahead of time so their spot can be held - otherwise it may be forfeited for that session to a walk-on.
  4. All Cell Phones, iPads, etc are to remain at the barrier/boards. For your safety and the safety of others, there should be no one skating while holding any electronic devices with the exception of a coach recording their student or exploring new music with their student.
  5. No one should linger/congregate/group at the boards or on the ice. Extended conversations should take place off ice ... when on the ice you should be moving.
  6. Props may be used but may not touch the ice or endanger any skaters on the ice.  If small prop is dropped it must immediately be retrieved by coach or skater. 
  7. Walk-On Policy is payment prior to stepping onto the session either via a punch or cash/check.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above.

Jo Co Club Ice Committee